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Introduction to Phase 0 Imaging Studies with Radiopharmaceuticals

By Tracer CRO

Actinium-225 Production and the Future. Needs for Labeled Drugs

By Richard Zimmermann, Radiotheranostics Today, March 2024.

The Rising Role of Radiotheranostics Supported by the Oncidium Foundation

By Richard Zimmermann and Rebecca Lo bue, SNMMI Value Initiative, July 2021.

Radiotheranostics Momentum

By Richard Zimmermann, SNMMI Value Initiative, January 2021.

Interest in Theranostics grows as capabilities advance

By Richard Zimmermann, HealthCare Business, June 2020.

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What Are Radiotheranostics for Cancer Care?

Doctor, will Radiotheranostics make me radioactive?

Tom, treated with PRRT for NETs

Fernando Acosta’s Testimonial with Lutetium-177 PSMA Radioligand Therapy

Clinical Trials

Participating in a Clinical Trial

  • : US database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted in the US and around the world.
  • tool developed by Drs. Luke Nordquist and Oliver Sartor to provide patient education & ultimately improve access to the field of Radiopharmaceutical clinical trials.
  • : Tool that can provide patients with innovative treatments in helping to find personalized trial options.
  • : Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS). This website supports the undertaking and oversight of clinical trials in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).
  • : ANZCTR is a register of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia and New Zealand.
  •  the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform imports data files from clinical registries from all over the world. It ensures that a complete view of research is accessible to all those involved in health care decision making

Conducting a Clinical Trial

  • Regulation:


  • Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) :

Under the Regulation, clinical trial sponsors can use the CTIS from 31 January 2022, but are not obliged to use it immediately, in line with a three-year transition period. National regulators in the EU Member States and EEA countries will use CTIS from 31 January 2022.

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC):

Academic, independent, non-profit organisation under Belgian law, with no direct government subsidy. Clinical studies evaluating new drugs for potential registration, or testing therapeutic agents, are conducted in partnership with commercial organisations. This funding is subject to EORTC’s strict principles of independence.

The Clinical Research Initiative for Global Health (CRIGH):

CRIGH aims to optimize clinical research programs, develop global standards on clinical research, promote the take-up of innovative methodology and technologies, and encourage international cooperation to rapidly and efficiently respond to global health challenges

The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN):

Non-profit intergovernmental organisation that supports the conduct of multinational clinical trials in Europe. As of 2013, ECRIN has the legal status of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC).  Works with European Correspondents across Europe, national networks of clinical trial units (CTUs), as well as European and international stakeholders involved in clinical research.