Health Policy Partnership Framework

The Oncidium foundation is endorsing the Health Policy Partnership Framework, an important step toward awareness and readiness to implement and integrate Radioligand and Therapy in [...]

  • The Rising Role of Radiotheranostics Supported by the Oncidium Foundation

The Rising Role of Radiotheranostics

Recent Research and Developments have brought forward the pivotal role of radiotheranostics for cancer care. Whether you refer to them as Radiotheranostics, Theranostics, Theragnostics, Radioligand [...]

  • A technician handles a so-called ‘pig’, a lead-lined safety vessel containing the radiopharmaceutical vial. Credit: All rights reserved, Advanced Accelerator Applications

Drugmakers push into radio pharmaceuticals

Dolgin, E. Drugmakers go nuclear, continuing push into radiopharmaceuticals. Nat Biotechnol 39, 647–649 (2021). Radiotheranostics Tsunami! Interesting recent read about the growing clinical and financial interest in radiopharmaceuticals [...]

Doctor, What is Neuroendocrine Cancer?

Waiting for a download is frustrating. Imagine waiting 5+ years for a cancer diagnosis. Neuroendocrine cancer takes on average 5+ years to diagnose due to [...]

How Nuclear Technology can Beat Cancer

How nuclear medicine can beat cancer? These are extraordinary times, and patients waiting for life-changing medical treatments should not suffer. They want to know that [...]

Seeing Cancer Cells, Killing Cancer Cells

Using molecules to safely carry radioactive materials inside the human body is helping physicians get more accurate images of tumors and more effectively eliminate cancer [...]

World Theranostics Day 2021!

Today is World Theranostics Day! On this day in 1941, the first radioiodine treatment was administered and we are very eager to see what's yet [...]

PSMA Lu-177 x Ac-225

Available since 2015, the treatment of patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPCC) with the beta-emitter Lutetium-177 has had several early-stage dosimetry studies published, demonstrated [...]

World Cancer Day 2021

Today, the Oncidium foundation unites its voice with the World Cancer Day! No matter who we are or where we live, this occasion is a [...]

Hopeful 2021!

This year has shown us more than ever the importance of access, education & hope. We've adapted to new normal & witnessed once again the developments [...]

Webinar Theranostics and PET Imaging Diagnostics

Webinar Theranostics and PET Imaging Diagnostics by IBA RadioPharma Solutions Watch this instructive webinar on the use of PET radiopharmaceuticals in Theranostic applications. Learn more [...]

Theranostics continue to gain momentum

Article by Richard Zimmermann, President & Founder of the Oncidium foundation. Radiotheranostics are molecules that can safely carry radioactive isotopes inside targeted human tissues and [...]

TheraP Trial Design in Prostate Cancer

Interesting interview with Pr. Michael Hofman about TheraP Trial Design Evaluating 177Lu‐PSMA‐617 Theranostic Treatment vs Cabazitaxel in Progressive Metastatic Castration‐Resistant Prostate Cancer, where results are [...]

Covid19 – Stay safe

Today, we would like to raise awareness of a different nature, equally important. We hope your relatives and you are well and healthy. The health [...]

World Cancer Day

The 4th of February is the World Cancer Day. Let's increase opportunities to build global awareness and impact-driven action. Keep strong, keep believing, keep going. [...]

How Radiotheranostics work?

Still wondering how Radiotheranostics work? Read this very interesting and accessible article by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):“It is a very efficient approach that [...]

Strong potential of targeted α-therapy

Targeted α-therapy with 225Ac-PSMA-617 although still preliminary, has demonstrated strong potential to significantly benefit advanced-stage prostate cancer patients. Dr. Machaba Michael Sathekge comments the initial [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

This year, Oncidium has a lot to be thankful for! We have been able to start our activities around the promotion of Radiotheranostics. First and [...]


External Validation of a Clinical Score for Patients With #NeuroendocrineTumors Under Consideration for Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy, to estimate the anticipated benefit from lutetium-177-dotatate.
#radiotheranostics #PRRT #cancercare #RLT #Lu177
Theranostics: A Smart Bomb for Cancer. Very interesting read by @sloan_kettering about what #radiotheranostics are all about and the promising future of combining #imaging techniques & #targetedtherapy for #cancercare.
#theranostics #seeittreatit
Dosing of first patients within the #NOBLERegistry shows encouraging early results in the investigational use of 99mTc-iPSMA for #prostatecancer screening.
#seeittreatit #SPECT #precisiononcology #nuclearmedicine #cancercare #theranostics #radioisotopes