Event: ALASBIMN 2023 Congress
Date: November 15-18, 2023
Location: Hilton Hotel – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Join us at the ALASBIMN 2023 meeting in Buenos Aires for a patient session on November 17 at 04:30 pm GMT-3, were patients and healthcare professionals will gather around the same table to discuss the importance of improving access to Radiotheranostics in Latin America: the patient perspective.

✔ Introducing the Oncidium foundation
✔ Treatment Experience: Insights from healthcare professionals
✔ Treatment Access: the patients’ perspective
✔ Introducing the RLT-Connect Platform to the donation of radiotherapeutics doses

A special thanks to our Argentinian Ambassadors, Dr. Maria Bastianello and Dr. Guillermo Casale for leading this event and to the ALASBIMN organization for this opportunity to bring forward RLT as a possible option for cancer care!

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