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The generosity of donors allows the Oncidium foundation to finance the research and development of new Radiotheranostics cancer treatments as well as to support cancer patients. We know that this path is not easy. We know the importance of finding the right doctor, understand the diagnosis and learn about treatment options. It is our mission to educate, raise awareness, and support cancer patients and their loved ones on this daily battle.

By supporting the Oncidium foundation projects, you put your action at the heart of the fight against cancer!

Initiated by four philanthropists, a fund referred to as the «Friends of the Oncidium foundation Fund» was created within the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF). The funds raised are entirely intended re-credited to the Oncidium programs and collaborative projects intended to advance the availability and access to radiotheranostics, worldwide. For more information about the King Baudouin foundation please visit our FAQ.

Through this fund, donors could benefit from tax deduction. Please contact us to check if your country is eligible for KBF tax benefits.



The King Baudouin foundation

The mission of the King Baudouin Foundation is to “Act together to contribute to a better society.” The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent and pluralist foundation active in Belgium and internationally. It invests in projects and individuals that help build a better society by encouraging effective philanthropy from individuals and businesses. (

The “Friends of” Fund

Managed by the King Baudouin Foundation’s Philanthropy Center, the Friends of Fund is a modern form of philanthropy: private means – money, but also time or skills – are put at the service of the community. Philanthropists decide to set up a Friends of Fund in order to provide lasting support to a non-profit organization, a private foundation or a very specific public utility foundation. Friends actively raise funds from supporters of the organization and direct them, through the Fund, to one or more of the organization’s projects.

What is a donation and what is not?

A donation is the transfer of an item of property from one party to another, with the donor receiving nothing in return. The best-known type of donation is a cash donation, which often takes the form of a bank transfer.

Under this definition, membership fees, journal subscriptions and payments in exchange for a benefit cannot be considered donations.

Tax certificate

The King Baudouin Foundation supports this project. All gifts made to the Friends of the Oncidium Fund (the “Fund”), managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, are tax deductible for Belgian donors as from 40€ (art. 104 WIB). A tax certificate relating to all of the donations you have so kindly made to the King Baudouin Foundation is sent out at the end of February in the following year.

Recognitions and agreements given to the King Baudouin Foundation in Europe.

Donors who are based in France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Denmark and wish to support the Fund are entitled to the tax benefits granted by their country of residence when they donate directly to the Fund.