It’s a wrap! Thank you all for passing by our booth at the 2023 SNMMI Annual Meeting in Chicago!

On the SNMMI’s menu:
✔ Back to back meetings for collaborations on our next project focused on patient access
✔ Discussions with Oncidium Ambassadors & friends of the foundation regarding local and international activities
✔ Attending the SNMMI Patient Education Day
✔ Meeting with future Ambassadors
✔ Exchanging with patient advocates
✔ Learn & Talk session about enhancing access to Radiotheranostics for cancer care worldwide
✔ …and much more!

This year’s theme “eye on the patient” lead to rich exchanges and highlighted everyone’s dedication to advance Nuclear medicine in Oncology. This confirmed our determination to capture lessons learned and achieve new milestones to shape the future of cancer diagnosis and treatment for individuals, globally.

See you next year!