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ways to get involved

Participate fully to the life of the foundation by volunteering. Everyone is welcome to contribute to help spread the word on this life saving technology. Explore the website, spread the link, tell others about the technology, come back with questions or with answers, or become an Ambassador for the Oncidium foundation in your country.


Are you:

  • an expert in the field of radiotheranostics or Nuclear medicine in general and wish to share your knowledge about matters regarding radiotherapeutics developments or promote your contributions through the Oncidium foundation?
  • a patient advocate committed to spread the word on life saving solutions?
  • a cancer survivor treated with Radiotherapeutics and wish to share your story?

Your help is valuable and appreciated. If you wish to give back, you are in the right place. Contact us today.


As the foundation is primarily created to help patients, it must disseminate the information in the native language of the patients. Today, the basic documents and the website are available in English, but one of the first priority will be to make all of this information directly accessible to patients all around the world

If you feel that the website should be available in your native language, become a translator of the patient’s page and of the website in general. We welcome and encourage translations in as many languages as possible.


Become an Ambassador with the Oncidium foundation

Are you interested in becoming an official Ambassador in your country? Join us to help accelerate global awareness and access to Radiotheranostics for cancer treatment. Indeed, the Oncidium foundation cannot act alone to be efficient and reach as many people as possible. The solution is to build a worldwide network of Ambassadors in each country for awareness and education campaigns, local collaborations, and shared knowledge. We need you!

  • Spreading the word about the Oncidium foundation: local representation of the foundation, slides at the end of presentation etc.
  • Sharing contacts: Nuclear medicine practitioners dealing with radiotherapeutics, key players in the radiotheranostics field, patient associations, patient testimonials etc.
  • Contributing to content created by the foundation: revision of technical content, translation in local language etc.
  • Informing the foundation on medical breakthroughs and ongoing clinical trials using radiotheranostics
  • Proposing initiatives and projects that benefit the patients.

Contact us to get involved today!