Cu-64-Diasparagine (CuASP)

64Cu-Diasparagine (64CuASP) is a 64Cu-labeled peptide developed for the imaging [...]

Ra-224-Radium Chloride (224-SpondylAT®)

224Ra-Radium Chloride was used for a long time between the [...]

I-131-Tositumomab (Bexxar®)

131I-Tositumomab is a radiolabeled anti-CD20 antibody launched in 2003 under [...]

Y-90-OPS201 (SOMTher®)

90Y-OPS201 (90Y-DOTA-JR11, 90Y-SOMTher®) is a proprietary drug that specifically binds [...]

Y-90-DOTATOC (Edotreotide)

90Y-Edotreotide (90Y-DOTATOC, 90Y-Onalta®) is a drug which is actually developed [...]

Y-90-DOTALAN (Lanreotide)

90Y-DOTALAN (90Y-Lanreotide, 90Y-Somatulin) is a generic drug that specifically binds [...]

Th-227-Epratuzumab (Th-227-BAY1862864)

227Th-Epratuzumab (227Th-BAY1862864 is a CD-22 thorium conjugate targeting relapsed or [...]

Bi-213-Lintuzumab (Bi-213 Bismab-A™)

213Bi-Lintuzumab (213Bi-Bismab-A™, 213Bi-CHX-A’’-DTPA-huM195) is an anti-CD33 humanized antibody huM195 labeled [...]

At-211-81C6 mAb (Neuradiab)

211At-81C6-mAb (anti tenascin, human/mouse chimeric antibody) is a radiotherapeutic based [...]


166Ho-Phytate (Holmium-166-Phytate) was developed as an iv radiotherapeutic for the [...]

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