Re-188-Rhenium Skin Cancer Therapy

The 188Re-Rhenium Skin Cancer Therapy or Rhenium-SCT® is a medical [...]


131I-Weimeisheng (131I-Tumor Necrosis Therapy mAb injection) is a radiolabeled [...]


131I-Metuximab (brand name Licartin) is a radiolabeled murine antibody [...]

Sn-117m-HTC (Synovetin)

117mSn-HTC (117mSn-Tin Colloid, Synovetin OA) is developed and was brought [...]

Ho-166- Microspheres

166Ho-microspheres is a product developed at the University Medical Center [...]

Sm-153-Oxabiphor (ETMP)

153Sm-Oxabiphor (153Sm-ETMP) is a therapeutic agent with a profile similar [...]


131I-Lipiodol (131I-Ethiodized Oil) is a generic therapeutic agent which was [...]


90Y-microspheres are resin- (SIRSpheres) or glass- (TheraSpheres) based microspheres [...]

Y-90-IsoPet – Y-90-RadioGel

90Y-IsoPet is a hydrogel liquid made of water-based biodegradable polymer [...]


OncoSil™ (originally called BrachySil™) is a 32P-loaded microparticle developed [...]

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