After six months of hard labor, research and discussions, welcome to the Oncidium’s new website!

The entire website has been face-lifted in a user-friendly way and closer to people. The challenge was to increase the content but in the same time, make it easy to read and to use. Therefore, different solutions have been developed, such as using more pictures and color variations, introducing some calls to action for more commitments and presenting clearer sections.

The logo has been modified too but kept the original thought of the President and founder, Richard Zimmermann, a blue Oncidium flower. The shape was modified and highlighted thanks to colors used that resembles a shiny Cherenkov effect.

Three main audiences

The facelift is built around three main audiences: the patient, the practitioner and the industry. The focus goes first to the patient. Through its efficient platform, the Oncidium’s website will help visitors to find the nearest center to contact for more information about Radiotheranostics-based treatments. The practitioner is any oncologist, who will guide his patient to the most appropriate treatment but also any Nuclear medicine practitioner who wants to promote his hospital and share knowledge with other fellow experts.

Working as a worldwide hub, the main concern of the foundation is to promote Radiotheranostics and making it more accessible for patients globally. In this vision, The Oncidium foundation is ready to follow and help any initiatives and collaborations in this direction.

It’s why the third audience, the industry professionals, will also be involved. The industry will bring some projects to collaborate on, but always in a patient-focus vision. This collaboration will consist in promoting clinical trials or educational and awareness projects about Radiotheranostics in general. These projects will in the long run allow the foundation to raise funds, thus enabling accessibility.

Click and discover Oncidium

Explore the website and discover how Oncidium can help you. Go through every page and see how you can help Oncidium in its mission and vision. Register your hospital, become the best advocate and connection to patients, share your knowledge, suggest new projects, translate the website in your own language… Spread the link, tell others about this innovative and life-saving technology, come back with questions or with answers, or become an Oncidium Ambassador in your country.