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Nuclear medicine practitioners


Make sure that your hospital/center is linked to our website and define one or more direct experts from your hospital that can become the entrance point for patients. Bringing additional information that is data specific to your country could become a great contribution.


As a non-profit and public benefit organization, The Oncidium foundation is independent, hence allowing to solely focus on reaching out to patients and other interlocutors about this innovating and life-saving technology.

If you have projects which need more visibility in the field of Radiotheranostics such as new developments, research, accessibility or awareness projects, please contact us. The foundation’s network and its communication specialists will help you build an effective promotional campaign and reach out to the largest number of people and/or organizations.

Being used as a promotion tool to bring forward local projects is the best way to spread the word and raise awareness worldwide in this patient-focused science.

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Participate fully to the life of the foundation by volunteering. Everyone is welcome to contribute to help spread the word on this life saving technology. Explore the website, spread the link, tell others about the technology, come back with questions or with answers, or become an Ambassador for the Oncidium foundation in your country.