169Er-Erbium Citrate is a generic therapy used for the isotopic Radiation synovectomy of small-size joints (hands and feet).

169Er-Erbium citrate is used in the treatment of rheumatoid mono- or oligo-arthritis involving one or a few of the small joints of the hands and feet following failure of intra-articular corticosteroid therapy or when the latter is contra-indicated. The suspension is injected in each painful joint which is kept in the same position for a few hours or days to avoid the escape of the radioactive substance from the injected joints. The reduction of extra-articular escape is the major issue in this modality, but is now well controlled.

The maximum tissue penetration for 169Er in Radiosynoviorthesis applications is estimated at 1.1 mm.
This product may disappear from the market as a consequence of the depletion of the natural resources required to produce 169Er.

Target/Mechanism: Brachytherapy

Leading Emitter: beta electrons (β)