90Y-Edotreotide (90Y-DOTATOC, 90Y-Onalta®) is a drug which is actually developed as its 177Lu-analogue, and therefore, one should consider this form on hold. Also, the patent for the drug expired in September 2015 in Europe.

90Y-Edotreotide has demonstrated efficacy in patients with NET with partial and complete objective responses in up to 30% of patients. As for all other somatostatin radiolabeled analogues, the critical organ is the kidney followed by the bone marrow. 90Y-Edotreotide was the most advanced radiolabeled somatostatin analogue in clinical trial until it became obvious that 177Lu-labeled analogues would be more efficient. 90Y-Edotreotide has therefore been on hold since it completed Phase II trials in 2009. The alternative on the market is presently 177Lu-Oxodotreotide, but will also be 177Lu-Edotreotide (Solucin), when this molecule will obtain a Market Authorization.

Target/Mechanism: Somatostatin receptors

Carrier/Ligand: Edotreotide

Radiation Type: beta electrons (β)