90Y-Basiliximab is a chimeric, mouse-human monoclonal antibody directed against the Alpha subunit of interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R Alpha, CD25 or Tac antigen), and labeled with Yttrium-90, with potential antineoplastic activity. It is developed at the City of Hope National medical center. The product is not commercially supported and must be considered as a generic. Several Phase I/II clinical studies have been initiated with this drug. As combination with chemotherapy before stem cell transplant in patients with primary refractory or relapsed Hodgkin Lymphoma in patients with mature T-cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma or in patients with high-risk acute Leukemia or Myelodysplastic Syndrome.

Target/Mechanism: CD25

Carrier/Ligand: Basixilimab

Radiation Type: beta electrons (β–)