227Th-Anetumab corixetan (227Th-BAY2287411) is a mesothelin targeted thorium conjugate (MSLN-TTC) consisting of a monoclonal antibody (anetumab) covalently linked via an amide bond to a chelator moiety (3,2-HOPO) possessing high Affinity for the Alpha-emitting Nuclide Thorium-227.

Anetumab is a human immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) monoclonal antibody. 227Th-BAY2287411 should become a therapeutic agent directed at solid tumors expressing mesothelin. First priority is given to ovarian cancer. For Imaging purpose, the analogue 89Zr labeled Tracer was also synthesized.

A clinical study of 227Th-BAY2287411 was initiated in patients with tumors known to express mesothelin. This study was completed in March 2022.

Target/Mechanism: Mesothelin

Carrier/Ligand: Anetumab

Radiation Type:: Alpha particle (α)