177Lu-Debio 1124 is a second-generation radiolabeled peptide analogue of minigastrin designed to selectively deliver Radiotherapy to tumor cells expressing the Cholecystokinin B Receptor (CCK2R). This molecule is developed as a Theranostic agent allowing selection of patients and therapy.

177Lu-Debio 1124 is presently developed as a Theranostic pair in advanced Medullary Thyroid Cancer (MTC) including metastasized disease and will be further investigated in other tumor types expressing CCK2R. CCK2 receptors are found in around 92 per cent of all medullary thyroid carcinomas.

The results of a Phase 0/I studies, initiated in 2015 have been published in 2018. Additional data from a Phase 0 study were published in April 2020.

Target/Mechanism: Cholecystokinin B Receptor (CCK2R)

Carrier/Ligand: Minigastrin PSIG-2

Radiation Type: beta electrons (β–)