225Ac-DOTA-SP (225Ac-Substance-P) is developed as local treatment for glioblastoma and an analogue of 213Bi-DOTA-SP. Imaging is performed with the 68Ga-analogue 68Ga-substance-P (68Ga-DOTA-SP) as co-injection.
First Phase I/II clinical trial results in 21 GBM patients with histologically confirmed recurrence of the glia tumor grade II-IV were published in March 2019. In patient receiving doses of 20-40 MBq of 225Ac-Substance-P every two months (1-7 injections), PFS increased from 2.4 to 17.6 months, OS from 1.7 to 35 months and OS recurrence from 4.7 to 44 months. Complete data were published in 2021.

Target/Mechanism: Substance P

Carrier/Ligand: Substance P

Radiation Type: Alpha particle (α)