Each year on February 27th, a diverse array of supporters worldwide, from over six continents and more than 89 countries, come together to celebrate World NGO day and recognize the missions and contributions of such organizations. 

As a non-profit and public benefit organization, the Oncidium foundation identifies with the universal concept of this international day: Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate. This is a great opportunity for us to pay tribute to the dedication and commitment of NGOs and the people behind them determined to build a better world. Hence, we wish to acknowledge the continuous and pivotal work done by our Ambassadors, supporters, and staff. It is only through this dedication that the Oncidium foundation can continue its mission to increase awareness about Radiotheranostics as an option for cancer care and provide better access to patients worldwide.

Furthermore, the World NGO Day also tries to inspire more people to get involved actively in the sector. As Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European commission, said “The tremendous work of NGOs around the world is needed more than ever today.” 

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