224Ra-RadSpherin is a suspension of Radium-224 in degradable calcium carbonate micro particles. As this formulation leads to a non-specific compound, priority indications are targeting metastases in body cavities. The company owning this product has officially decided to develop this compound as a medicinal product and not as a Brachytherapy product.

The radium-224 based therapeutic has shown strong and consistent anticancer activity at doses being essentially non-toxic in preclinical studies. It is anticipated that the product can potentially be used to treat several forms of metastatic cancer.

The first clinical indication for Radspherin® will be treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis originating from ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer. The drug is administered into the intraperitoneal cavity in subjects with peritoneal carcinomatosis following complete cytoreductive surgery.

Radspherin® has shown strong and consistent anticancer activity without any signs of product related toxicity in preclinical studies. Two Phase I clinical trials have been initiated in April 2020 (colorectal carcinoma  and ovarian cancer ) involving about 30 patients each. These studies are expected to be completed by 2023.

Target/Mechanism: Brachytherapy

Leading Emitter: Alpha particle (α)