Ever wondered the meaning behind the name and logo of the Oncidium foundation?

This is not a flower, this is an Oncidium. A kind of Orchid, plant that has reached the highest level of plant development. Orchids are also long-lasting flowering plants that come in different forms and colors, known for being difficult to grow.

An easy parallel can be made with Radiotherapeutics which are drugs that have reached the highest level of development in the drug manufacturing world. They also require a high level of medical knowledge and a specific handling environment.

The shades of blue are not a random choice. They refer to the Cerenkov Effect, one of the ways Radioactivity can be identified by the human eye.

ONCIDIUM refers to “onkos” (the tumor) – “ci” (the radioactive unit of measurement “Curie”) – “ium” (Latin termination that recalls radionuclides used in Radiotheranostics such as Lutetium, Yttrium, Rhenium), ideal to symbolise the foundation for the promotion of Radiotheranostics for cancer therapy.

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