177Lu-MVT-1075 is the therapeutic counterpart of 89Zr-DFO-HuMab-5B1 developed for the therapy of pancreas cancer.

5B1 antibody binds to the carbohydrate antigen sialyl-Lewis a (sLea) (CA19-9). sLea is expressed on pancreatic, colon, and stomach cancer cells at high levels, and increased sLea expression on tumors is correlated with poor clinical outcome. The 5B1 human antibody family (MVT-1075, MVT-5873, MVT-2163) is developed as an immunotherapeutic for pancreas cancer treatment.

A study of 177Lu-MVT-1075, in combination with a blocking dose of MVT-5873 as radioimmunotherapy, was initiated in June 2017. This open Label, non-randomized, dose-escalation with cohort expansion trial in subjects with previously treated, CA19-9 positive malignancies (e.g., pancreatic adenocarcinoma) is supposed to be completed by end of 2021.

Target/Mechanism: carbohydrate antigen sialyl-Lewis a (sLea)

Leading Emitter: beta electrons (β)