Beside Oncology, radiotherapeutics can also be of interest in the treatment of rheumatoid polyarthritis. Radionuclide synovectomy (radiosynovectomy – RSV) is a minimally invasive method of treating persistent join inflammation.  Radiosynovectomy is safe, well tolerated and efficacious. About 70–80% of patients respond well to the therapy. However, the therapeutic effects are considerably worse in patients with co-existent osteoarthritis and advanced joint degeneration. Despite its advantages, radionuclide synovectomy is not performed as often as it could be, so greater knowledge and understanding of this method are needed.

Source: NIH.gov

Compassionate Use Program (CUP)

CUP enables patients with life-threatening diseases, such as advanced cancer, to resort to experimental treatments when standard anti-cancer solutions and access to clinical trials are not an option. Access to CUP programs depends on local regulations and can vary from one treatment to another.

Ask your referring physicians for more information regarding CUP.