Document de l’EANM sur le rôle de la radiobiologie en médecine nucléaire

Aerts, A., Eberlein, U., Holm, S. et al. EANM position paper on the role of radiobiology in nuclear medicine. Eur J Nucl Med Mol...

Une carte de voyage pourrait aider les patients radiopharmaceutiques à éviter les retards

29 avril 2020 - Les patients qui subissent un traitement par radiation avec du lutétium-177 (Lu-177) -DOTATATE pour les tumeurs neuroendocrines, devraient recevoir et...

Le PSMA Theranostic Lu-177-PSMA-617 superstar préssentie pour le mCRPC

Urology Times Journal, Jason M. Broderick - 15 avril 2021 Le radiopharmaceutique ciblé par le PSMA, le 177Lu-PSMA-617 (LuPSMA),  progresse rapidement dans le pipeline du...


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We may be waiting for the pandemic to be over, but cancer does not wait! Don't miss out on tomorrow's launch of the #TimeToActCancer Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from tackling cancer” campaign.
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With increasing variety of #radiopharmaceuticals for #diagnostic or #therapeutic #nuclearmedicine as valuable diagnostic or treatment option, radiobiology plays an important role in supporting optimizations incl. safety & efficacy of #radionuclidetherapies
1 week ago
Supporting our Ambassador in a project that aims to enable imaging access to all men with #prostatecancer takes on its full meaning, notably as Africa is the least developed region worldwide for PET/CT infrastructure, with #SPECT cameras outnumbering PET by 7 to 1.
Noble Registry @NobleRegistry
It's been 2 weeks since the launch of the #NobleRegistry. Dr. Akintunde Orunmuyi, investigator for the University College Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria, where the first patient was dosed, looks forward to a better future with #NobodyLeftBehind for people living with #prostatecance