67Cu-SARTATE (67Cu-SAR-[Tyr3]-Octreotate) is a therapeutic radiolabeled somatostatin analogue of 64Cu-SARTATE and the first Copper-67 labeled drug that entered clinical trials.

67Cu-SARTATE is targeting first meningioma but in fact, is a competitor to existing somatostatin analogue labeled tracers developed in the NET indication. 67Cu-SARTATE entered phase I/II trials in meningioma patients Australia in May 2019. The study (5 patients) was completed in September 2019. Another clinical Phase I/II trial in pediatric patients with high-risk neuroblastoma was initiated in July 2019, but the recruitment started only in July 2020 with an expected completion in September 2022.

Target/Mechanism: Somatostatin receptors

Carrier/Ligand: Sartate

Radiation Type: beta electrons (β)