Oncidium Home Page access icon access, education, hope The Oncidium foundation focuses on raising awareness about Radiotheranostics as alternatives for cancer therapy and providing support to accelerate global access. education icon hope ribbon Oncidium Team Who we are The Oncidium foundation team is fully dedicated to promoting the developments or nuclear medicine therapy. To this day, many patients and non-nuclear practitioners are still unaware of the existence and benefits of Radiotheranostics for cancer treatments. Aims of the foundation Increase awareness about the use of Radiotheranostics among patients, practitioners and the general public
Invest in research and scholarships to further develop the field
Facilitate access for patients to these innovative and life-saving technologies
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Treatment Center Find the nearest therapy center The Oncidium foundation endeavors to make Radiotheranostics available for as many people as possible. Find the nearest therapy center and contact person thanks to the worldwide map of facilities providing Radiotheranostics-based treatments Find a center Be an Ambassador Become an Oncidium Ambassador The Oncidium foundation cannot act alone to be efficient and accelerate global access to Radiotheranostics for cancer treatments. The solution is to build a worldwide network of Ambassadors in each country for awareness and education campaigns, local collaborations, and shared knowledge. We need you! Get involved Treatment Center Register your therapy center Make sure that your center is linked to our website and define one or more direct expert(s) from your center that can become the entrance point for patients. Register now




2 days ago
Let’s meet today during SNMMI 2020. Rebecca Lo bue and Tala Allahham are glad to virtually meet and discuss the mission of the #oncidiumfoundation: promote and support the development of #Radiotheranostics for #cancercare
Visit our booth
https://t.co/WXfOcppVzI https://t.co/Qsyzb36LkU
5 days ago
Don’t miss out on this year’s reimagined #SNMMI2020 edition. The #Oncidiumfoundation will be virtually attending and holding a booth. Find us under the name Oncidium foundation and chat with our team. See you there!
#precisiononcology #nuclearmedicine #radionuclidetherapy https://t.co/6SitJf9CBb
ANNOUNCEMENT: Today SNMMI President Vasken Dilsizian, MD, unveiled the re-imagined SNMMI 2020 Annual Meeting—Virtual Edition! This virtual experience, on July 11-14, will be FREE to SNMMI members, discounted for nonmembers. https://t.co/Zh9QecDvcK #SNMMI20 #NuclearMedicine https://t.co/IysROiC0Dv
3 weeks ago
Argentina will present the results of the clinical trials that are being carried out with 18F / 177Lu- PSMA for #ProstateCancer Register here : https://t.co/8zvUkgtq68 #AAByMN #LaboratoriosBacon #PSMA https://t.co/VvXDB4X2VJ

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Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour faciliter les interactions entre les patients, les médecins et les experts dans le domaine de la médecine nucléaire en vue d'améliorer l'accès aux traitements du cancer et aux essais cliniques. La fondation Oncidium ouvre la voie dans cette science axée sur le patient, en apportant son soutien pour améliorer la disponibilité des technologies radiothérapeutiques et en faciliter l'accès à travers le monde.