Dr. Fernando Acosta’s, husband, father and grand-father, war veteran and doctor, journey living with prostate cancer

Testimonial, June 2, 2022

At the age of 55, in apparent perfect health and with 21 years of professional practice, I was diagnosed with a Paraneoplastic Syndrome, behind which was hidden an advanced Prostate Adenocarcinoma Gleason 9, non-surgical, due to a mutation of the ATM gene only in the tumor, with bilateral retroperitoneal and inguinal adenopathy. It was of abrupt onset and complications were bilateral ARI, massive PTE, cardiovascular decompensation, and progression of the pathology to the perineum and rectum.

In 4 years and after 42 cessions of chemotherapy every 21 days, a protocol for three months that did not work, and a radiotherapy, consequently, intensive 3D conformal 25 consecutive days, there was nothing left to try but to continue with more chemotherapy.

The mind of a doctor and the one of an oncology patient analyses processes and elaborates differently, questioning hope.

I am a man of science and in the face of every adversity, getting up and moving forward has always been my purpose.

When I found out about the Lutetium treatment, I did not care that it was impossible. I gathered 70000 signatures in a few days, the scientist behind this treatment, the radiochemist who prepares the medication in Argentina, and the lawyers who, together with the reasoning of a judge, made the impossible possible.

I never doubted its effectiveness, nor did I think about the possibility of its adverse effects.

I came back from a war, I have a family that I love deeply, a profession that I have always carried on with pride and admiration. At the age of 55 I realized that this came to tell me something, and after achieving an inner peace, I focused and visualized lutetium diagnosing, irradiating, and eliminating every neoplastic cell in my body. After three doses and observing the scans using gamma camera and the last PET PSMA without evidence of neoplastic focus in activity, tears of happiness ran on my cheeks and on all of those who believed in me and helped unconditionally.

Today I lead a group of patients with prostate cancer in treatment with lutetium.

I would like to meet, and I am eternally grateful to the scientists who discovered the usefulness of this radionuclide, to the Oncidium foundation and to my treating physician Dr. María Bastianello whose humanity and dedication surprises me every day.”

Dr. Fernando Acosta



(English translation from Spanish by @Tala Allahham)